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The kR^ityA is seen again

We were in their midst – full of excitement and mirth. But even now we were not alone – we were shadowed by that kR^ityA, like kapAlin shadowed by the maid brahmahatyA. In the corner hero stood – it was … Continue reading

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gulikAkrIDA: la~NkAvijaya

The sunlit shores of la~NkA, just like the beaches of Southern Saxony where the peerless pirates of emperor Ponting roam like fork-tongued monitors, have been a charnel ground for the Hindu armies over the ages. They have been thrashed over … Continue reading

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raNa dIkShA

Both vaidIka and mantra-mArga shaiva traditions have similar rituals for consecration of the warrior and weapons. In the Vedic tradition the main mantra-s used for this purpose are those from the protective spell of the bharadvAja-s from the R^igveda (sUkta … Continue reading

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durgesmR^itA-mahAmantra prayogaH

durge smR^itA iti mantrasya hiraNyagarbha R^iShiH | uShNIk ChandaH | shrImahAmAyA devatA | shAkaMbharI shaktiH | durgA bIjaM | shrIM vAyustattvaM mama chaturvidha-puruShArtha-siddhaye jape viniyogaH || athaH nyAsaH || durge smR^itA … a~NguShThayoH hR^idaye || svasthaiH smR^itA … tarjanyoH shirase … Continue reading

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AV vikR^iti pATha

With the upAkarma and veda-vrata having gone by last full-moon we took the opportunity to illustrate the vikR^iti pATha-s of the AV-shaunaka. The vikR^iti pATHa-s of the AV are largely extinct. But the AV-shaunaka reciters do preserve portions of the … Continue reading

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Story of siddha-haima

In 1100s in the chAlukya court of jayasiMha siddharAja was a nAstika (a worshiper of the nirgrantha) genius named hemachandra sUrI of the third varNa. His father was a shaiva and his mother a jaina. The vaishya-s saw in him … Continue reading

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A meditational aid for parA sAdhana

Among extant sAdhaka-s it is popular to merely concentrate on tattvArohaNa to reach parA devI. This apparently follows the tradition of sahajAnandanAtha and is transmitted by certain successors of the Maharashtrian tAntrIka umAnandanAtha. But the complete form of the sAdhana … Continue reading

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