A geopolitical round up

An elderly white American Hindu activist was going to a temple. On the way she had an “accident” that nearly killed her. Was it in accident? Some people know the real answer. va~Nga paNDita smiled and said there are certain things in geopolitics that cannot be said in public – they are too dangerous. In my early days in the capital of the mlechCha desha, when there was a much freer environment there, I discovered certain things that are pretty obvious, but most observers simply fail to notice. My lost friend, the non-jAmadagnya vatsa, from the southern realms of mlechCha-desha had also, interestingly, discovered some of these things. va~Nga-paNDita cautioned him of the extreme danger in publicly discussing some of those issues, but he did not desist and promptly faced the consequences. va~Nga paNDita had long predicted certain geopolitical events with a time line. Hence, I could not help thinking of him when the Caucasian flare up occurred over the past week. In our long discussion, he had correctly predicted certain geopolitical alignments and predicted how a certain alliance will begin the second push against the Khaganate of the Rus. va~NgIsha and me watched with childish excitement that shocked the other adults around us a documentary on the battle of Stalingrad where the Khaganate of the Rus finally destroyed the Germans, signaling the end of their empire. At the end of it va~NgIsha remarked: “The Rus will be pressed hard again. The Americans would send troops to hold a joint military exercise with the Georgians and this would trigger the Khaganate to respond in an unprecedented way. The Russian air force and navy might have weakened but their land army has always been their strength –that is the lesson of Stalingrad. Georgia and such places are the best options for a show of strength to the Americans because it will be the land army operating in their backyard. After all the bases where the Georgians are letting in the Americans were built by the Russians. This will be pay back time for Kosovo…” Not surprisingly, the Americans sent 1000 men to participate in a joint exercise with the Georgians. Buoyed by this vacuous display (remember, one of the American soldiers in this exercise said in his interview that he did not know where Georgia was on the map of the world – he only knew of an American state with that name!) very provocatively named “Exercise Immediate Response 2008” the Georgians decided to put their lessons to immediate practice by attacking Russian citizens in adjacent ethnically distinct enclaves. We are now watching the results unfold.

Why would the Americans impel their allies to display such brinkmanship? When va~NgIsha and me exchanged notes we found had the answer for this.

In the meantime in the desh we are witnessing several events in need of some attention. The worshipers of the big black stone launched two attacks: one in the city of my birth, and another in the lATa country. There was no real response, instead the dasyu rulers of the land want to equate the SIMI with RSS. After all king yudhiShThira had said that people might see the son of vivasvAn visit others houses but will think they are safe till the moment he arrives, noose in hand, at their own. The other event concerns the rebellion of amareshvara – Hindus cannot even control their own temples in their own land. Here again we see that the taskara-rAjya is siding with the turuShka-s – it is amazing how the tail wags the dog! The world hardly gets to learn the reality of these atrocious events in jambupura – only the Hindi language press has been reporting the shocking reality – the napuMsaka Indian army and police are harassing and killing Hindus. The Anglophone Hindu elite will be jolted out of their complacence if they go and see the Hindi newspapers for graphic pictures of these atrocities. Truly jonarAja’s view that this is all an outgrowth of the sapling of harSharAjA seems right seeing the Indian army and law enforcement acting like in an Islamic state. Will these events incite the Hindu martial ardor to erupt? Unlikely, but I will happy to be proven wrong. It is striking to note how the Hindus used the “democratic process” to bring upon themselves a government of taskara-s and kulu~ncha-s who are veshyAputra-s.

dugdhAbdhi dhavalaM tena saro dUra-girau kR^itaM |
amareshvara yAtrAyaM janair adyApi dR^ishyate ||

kalhaNa’s rAjataraMgiNi 1.267

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