A yogin and his dUtI

Being fooled by the outward appearance of a prescription in a tantra, or by his instincts, or in modern times by pop culture, the common practitioner is incapable pairing with a dUtI for successful attainment of yoga. For such a common practitioner the kaula path, like the kula of vilAsinI-s, is not available. The kaula practice with a dUtI is only fruitful for the true yogin. For this yogin the dUtI truly manifests as his shakti. The yogin who is free from disease, who is possessed with the virility of 3 or more bulls, and who is in complete control of his retas and unmoved by the appearance of sundarI-s will alone be easily able to recognize a dUtI. To such a yogin the true dUtI will automatically appear as an abhisArikA. In a dark, quite place at night, ideally a shmashAna or a grove, he will meet her and mentally communicate without saying anything. The success in this communication will indicate the successful discovery of the dUtI. He will then go away and meet her again after a while, all the while controlling his senses. After this he is ready to rove in company of the dUtI to attain yogic perfection.

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