Some dohA-s of mahAbrAhmaNa sarahapAda


A recent exchange with STi reminded me of my attempts with the vulgar apabhraMsha in which a rich literature of the sahajayAna nAstika-s exist. While the fallen brAhmaNa sarahapAda’s works are reprehensible in a certain sense to one entrenched in smArta praxis, there is still something in the fellow’s free spirit that one cannot but help smile and chuckle at.


dohAkosha-gIti 96-97: (in apabhraMsha for which Itrans is adapted just as for Prakrit – but not suitable to conversion to nAgari):
ethu se sarasa-i sovaNAh ethu se ga~NgA sA-aru |
vArANasi pa.Aga ethu se chAnda divA.aru ||
khetta piTTha u.a.piTTha ethu ma.i bhami.a samiTTha.u |
dehA-sarisa tittha ma.i suNa.u Na diTTha.u ||

What saraha is telling us is that tIrtha-s of bhArata are right in your body: the sarasvati saMgama, the ga~NgA-sAgara, vArANasi and prayAga and even the moon and the sun. He roamed all the kShetra-s, pITha-s and upa-pITha-s right here in the body and has not heard of or seen a tIrtha that compares with the body.

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