Pursuit by the aghAyu

Like the Xvarena departing from an ancient asura-worshipping king our powers forsook us in the great struggle. Yet we kept fighting like bhImasena against rAdheya on the fateful 15th day. In some ways it was like the fight of veNkaTAdri and shrIranga against the turuShka-s after the fall of vijayanagara or that of pratApa sImha after haldighATi. In utter frustration we thought of the days of days of our youth when our arrows rarely missed their targets. We deployed to formula of the tANDya-s:
“yo .adya saumyo vadho .aghAyUnAm udIrate viShUkuhasya dhanvanApa tAn varuNo .apa dhamatu ||”
Long ago the fierce sphigshiras, hrasvaroman, golamukha and others rushed at us but we overthrew them in the battle of dvAdashAnta when our ratha did not stop in midst of battle. The shUla of the bAdhamAna was tormenting us despite a prolonged attack using the rakta-varNa shara-s and several brahmAstra-s and even the kR^ityAstra. Mustering our remaining strength we prepared for a fierce battle. We realized that we had been bound by the kautsa abhichAra. We knew if we could once deploy the spell of viliste~NgA then we could come out of the ambush. But it had one mystery that kept eluding us, for he who lacks it is seized by nirR^iti. Who indeed escapes the spell of viliste~NgA ?

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