The mouse, the rat and the wolf

We were chasing one mouse. One rat was chasing us and so was a wolf. For the mouse and the rat we placed pieces of cheese as baits. The wolf wanted to make us its meal. The mouse we were chasing sniffed the cheese. So by varuNa’s eye we could see it. The rat that was chasing us also sniffed the cheese so we saw by varuNa’s eye. Of the wolf we could only see the hazy form and hear the constant growling. The mouse we were chasing laughed at us thinking we had not seen it. But it was we who knew all about it. The rat knew we could see it but was bold enough to be undeterred. We did not know if might become a meal for the wolf sometime soon. If we did you will not hear from us here again. But before the wolf eats us, even if we were to be eaten we might talk a little: chaNDamahAroShaNa, mahAkAla and atharva-shabarI.

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