The tradition holds that the triad ravi, shashi and shuchI are respectively shown in their piNDa form as the bIja-s: haM, saM and raM. They are combined with the great kulayoginI manifesting as chitparAMbA and the bhairava manifest parashambhunAtha. Hence we get their mantra as OM haM saM raM chitparAMbA-parashaMbhunAthAbhyAm namaH |
Or in their elemental forms we have for the bhairava: h-s-rauM and for the kulayoginI: s-h-rauM.
In the middle of the chakra dwells the conjoined pair of chitparAMbA and parashaMbhunAtha. Around them are the 32 emanations of parA devI seated on the laps the 32 bhairava-s emanating from parashaMbhunAtha.

bhairava yoginI
para parA
bhara bharA
chit chitparA
mahAmAyA mahAmAyA-parA
sR^iShTi sR^iShTi-parA
ichChA ichChA-parA
stithi stithi-parA
nirodha nirodha-parA
mukti mukti-parA
j~nAna j~nAna-parA
sat sati-parA
asat asati-parA
sad-asat sad-asati-parA
kriyA kriyA-parA
Atman Atma-parA
indriyAshraya indriyAshraya-parA
gochara gochara-parA
lokamukhya lokamukhyA-parA
vedavat vedavat-parA
samvid samvit-parA
kuNDalinI kuNDalinI-parA
sauShuMnI sauShuMnI-parA
prANasUtra prANasUtra-parA
syAnda syAnda-parA
mAtR^ikA mAtR^ikA-parA
svarodbhava svarodbhavA-parA
varNaja varNajA-parA
shabdaja shabdajA-parA
varNa-j~nAta varNa-j~nAta-parA
vargaja vargajA-parA
saMyogaja saMyogajA-parA
mantra-vigraha mantra-vigrahA-parA
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