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Our intellectual tradition: non-existent, decadent, or congenitally dilute?

Perhaps the greatest mind of all times was Karl Gauss. Among the men of genius he stands at the pinnacle of existence, perhaps with Chingiz Kha’khan. I keep a 10 DM note with the portrait of Gauss in my office to remind … Continue reading

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lateral twirls

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nAstika notes-2

Some enquirers had asked about the classification of nAstika tantra-s of the bauddha variety. Hence, we shall briefly discuss this, while mentioning the caveat that there are many classifications, just as in the case of Astika systems. I must also … Continue reading

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Genetic determinism, sociology and history

The exuberantly prolix leftist wordsmith SJ Gould who churned out many a quasi-scientific essay on a nearly quotidian basis stated: “There’s been no biological change in humans in 40,000 or 50,000 years. Everything we call culture and civilization we’ve built … Continue reading

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Some trivia concering the Adi-shruti

Students of the veda often question each other on trivia to test their knowledge of the shruti. We have always believed that graphically depicting some of these produce a clear effect on the student. This presentation of trivia might be … Continue reading

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Non-existent books

Two books on arthropods have set standards for me that in a sense inspire but also cause despair. These are the “For Love of Insects” by the great Thomas Eisner and “Evolution of the Insects” by Grimaldi and Engel. If … Continue reading

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saura miscellany

The famous poet, mayUra of harShavardhana’s court, whose shR^i~NgAra work, the mayUrAShTaka, we had earlier alluded is supposed to have composed the sUryashataka in the aftermath of the events following the former composition. sUryashataka-1 jaMbhArAtiibha-kumbhodbhavaM iva dadhataH sAndra-sindUra-reNuM raktAH siktA … Continue reading

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Another wandering

We wandered on earth following the path of the heavenly stream, Towards the cemetery of kilikilArava, above which rose the heavenly archer. There the cry of the ape dvividha in the dark was still reverberating, Long after he had fallen … Continue reading

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