Another wandering

We wandered on earth following the path of the heavenly stream,
Towards the cemetery of kilikilArava, above which rose the heavenly archer.
There the cry of the ape dvividha in the dark was still reverberating,
Long after he had fallen to the club of the saMkarShaNa, his killer.

In our hands were a Damaru and a trishUla,
A kapAla hung in our sling and we were besmeared with ashes.
We chanted the jarAbodhIya and the secret raudra sAman-s,
Praising the archer in the pursuit of brahmA

We tasted the soma streaming from our shiras,
While reciting the old chant of kaNva the a~ngiras.
We walked past the periphery of the shmashAna,
Feeling the presence of the sharva, bhava, ishAna.

There we heard the sonorous music in apabhraMsha
Lo! We beheld a sammelana of praj~nA-s of pretty smiles.
In the joy of union they were singing vajra-gIti-s.
In their midst were DAka-s observing the rite of buddhakapAla.

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