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Orkoraptor and Aerosteon

The post-orbital bones of Aerosteon and Orkoraptor as described by Sereno et al and Novas et al. By the Maastrichtian epoch of the late Cretaceous of the northern world (at least in North America and Asia) we see the dominance … Continue reading

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How far back do feathers go?

Feathers of Sinosauropteryx Some time back the famous paleontologist Mark Norell had remarked all dinosaurs had feathers. Given his involvement with the revolutionary Chinese fossils I wondered if he had the insider story on this matter. From the earliest time … Continue reading

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We came face to face with her, she who shone with the luster of a yoginI. She cast an inescapable jAla on you, which was much like the pa~njara of a powerful DAkinI. She was verily a manifestation of the … Continue reading

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nIlarudra sUkta (upaniShat)

nIlarudra is part of the AV-paippalAda saMhitA (sUkta 3 of kANDa 14). It is also considered an upaniShad of the early pAshupata-s equivalent to the shvetAshvatara of the kR^iShNa yajurveda. In the now lost shrauta traditions of the atharvaN-s the … Continue reading

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The heroes, gopaNArya and vijayAlaya-deva-I

Many of the heroes in our great struggle against the Mohammedan desecrators of bhAratavarSha have been forgotten. In particular these are the warriors from the Andhra and drAviDa countries who turned the tide of Islam even as it threatened to … Continue reading

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Songs to open the doors of the worlds

The 4 gAna-s that comprise the vaishadeva series are based on the code words: rAT, virAT, svarAT, saMrAT. The first is for the conquest of pR^ithivi, the second for the conquest of antarikSha and the third and fourth for the … Continue reading

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Hindu setbacks in confronting the mlechCha va~nchaka-s

The news reached us through certain channels that the Hindu-s had met a defeat in their attempt to correct biases against them in the textbooks of the state of California. While our own life hangs in uncertainty and the karNa-yakSiNI … Continue reading

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Quadrangular and circular shields in iconography

Pictures kindly provided by my friend VA are images from the Chola kingdom of the drAviDa country. From top: 1) mahiShamardinI(mahAlakShmI); 2) kaushikI(mahAsarasvatI); 3) mahiShamardinI(mahAlakShmI); 4) mahAkAlI. It should be noted that this is one of the few rare depictions … Continue reading

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Will the veil of the pelagornithids be pierced?

I had read of the pelagornithids long ago but never really thought too much about them until a month before the seizure by the first grAhin in 1998. We were the visiting a world famous museum near our city, with … Continue reading

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vertical twirls

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