Hindu setbacks in confronting the mlechCha va~nchaka-s

The news reached us through certain channels that the Hindu-s had met a defeat in their attempt to correct biases against them in the textbooks of the state of California. While our own life hangs in uncertainty and the karNa-yakSiNI in whose embrace we lay has been bound, we still felt it was in order to write a note around this matter, rather than precisely about it. We will begin by stating that Hindu-s have to be uncompromising on the following: 1) Rejection of that most reprehensible term South Asian and the geographical description “South Asia”. This is a blatant attempt by the mlechCha-s by the mlechCha-s to destroy Hindu identity and deny ownership over their geography. Not without out reason do the detractors and revilers of Hindus delight in using “South Asian” and South Asia. Any Hindu organization should reject it and use jambudvIpa and bhAratavarSha. They may in following mlechChAnusAra use Indian subcontinent, Greater India. 2) Hindus should not waste effort in emphasizing their racial distinctness as the basis their identity. At the same time there is no reason to deny their racial background or obstruct or stonewall studies pertaining to their genetic origins. Hindus should be willing to accommodate mlechCha-s in their midst who come over to the dharma after completely rescinding their affiliation to the kIlitapreta-mata or other rAkShasamata-s . 3) Hindus should not claim to be monotheistic and should instead proudly proclaim their polytheism and educate their people in performing khaNDana of the ekasvAmitva of the duShTa-s of the kIlitapreta-mata and other rAkShasAcharin-s.

The setbacks of Hindu-s in this effort, as in the past, stem from their lack of understanding of the mlechCha-s and their systems. To understand the mlechCha-s the Hindu-s need to figure out the different currents in the mlechCha world. In this effort the biggest problem was seeing through “secular” face of the mlechCha-s. The pretAcharin-s in the mlechCha-desha can be made out relatively easily, but the Hindus generally failed to see through the nature of the secular variants. They tried in a futile attempt to link the secular subversionists like the Harvard indologist and his band of 50 va~nchaka-s with the pretAcharin-s. What they did not realize is that the mlechCha system by design maintains two versions of its foundational dogma, the secular and the overtly pretAchArin variety to befuddle and trap their rivals. Not having seen through this trap the Hindu-s fell into right into it and were taken apart by the mlechCha-s.

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