We came face to face with her, she who shone with the luster of a yoginI. She cast an inescapable jAla on you, which was much like the pa~njara of a powerful DAkinI. She was verily a manifestation of the primeval cause of the most basic harSha. Her black hair framed her face verily like the sharan-nishA framing the bright soma in a female form. But unlike the cratered surface of the upAMshu her face was verily like a gleaming tusk of a mighty gaja with her black hair framing it like the blackness of the same ibha. Her grayish green eyes sparkled like that companion of beta Cygni that delights an observer of the sky. The tilaka on her forehead was like Antares illuminating the southern arc on a summer night. Her black eyebrows streaked across her marble-like face indeed like the dark lane across the galaxy Centaurus A. The sight of her face was like the mada of milk-effused sweetened soma in the ritual of the deva-s. Her sporting in the arNava of our manas was like the manifestation of the power of the mantra of asura varuNa seen by vipra gR^itsamada. Her emergence from a bath was verily like the eye of mitra and varuNa rising over the great ocean; just as one daily beholds the daivi in that luminary, her presence was truly a sign of the amartya-s amongst mAnuSha-s – an exemplary image in the canvas of genetic recombination, verily like a Karl Gauss.

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