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A famous clan of mantravAdin-s

There are certain strange events or what they call the déjà vu that give you an eerie feeling. In course of a conversation on the transmission of tAntrika lineages between different parts of bhAratavarSha with R, she was mentioning the … Continue reading

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RV 10.50.4

My pitAshrI and I had a discussion on the vaidika mantra-shAstra. The practitioners of this business are supposed to learn a key insight on the meaning and operation of the mantra when they receive the sAvitrI. But often this does … Continue reading

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Long ago the Acharya had said that we should study the navasAhasA~Nkacharita (NSC). But being truants we ignored his sage words. Years later we felt that we should relieve the enactments of the rAjpUt rulers we had played as kids … Continue reading

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The local vestiges of bhairavAchara: Sonari and Kandari

We had earlier described the remnants of bhairava worship in Mhasvad and the local sthalAkhyAna, which to our knowledge is not found in any saMskR^ita source. In that note we had allude to another place to the east of the … Continue reading

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A nR^isiMha for obtaining siddhi-s

R1’s father had been lead by a descendant of the famous medieval tAntrika lakShmIdhara to an extremely remote shrine of nR^isiMha amongst ruins in the kali~Nga country. This shrine is in a place known today as Sonepur and is not … Continue reading

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ikShvAku heroes

My folks celebrating the ikShvAku heroes and their retinue.

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Geopolitics of the tantra age: an attempt at a blunt assessment

The va~Nga-paNDita placed the following issue before ekanetra and me. He had seen a somewhat convergent theory amongst both Hindus and Hindu-haters. We lay this out as some kind of pUrva-pakSha for further study. -The beginning in the gupta age … Continue reading

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In the genes

My mAtAshrI was reading out a piece of kAvya written by one of us. I remarked it must be composed by the muni. But she claimed it was written by me. This sort of puzzled me because I had no … Continue reading

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