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Lost R^ik-s, the shruti and shUdra-s

A chaturtha asked me if mantra-s in the shruti were entirely inaccessible to him. I told that if looked hard enough in the texts to which he had adhikAra he could find enough to be moderately aware of the contents … Continue reading

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A note on govinda, a medieval chemist and physician from South India

Years ago while examining the sarva-darshana-saMgraha it became clear that the rasa cult probably had a notable following in the Vijayanagaran territory. A visitor from the chera country had shown me a text titled the Ayurveda-prakAsha-TIkA composed by the medieval … Continue reading

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In the long past days we were seated in a niche at the foot of the viShThA-parvata with the chaturtha and the feral brAhmaNa. The chaturtha was caressing his rAmapUrIya asiputrikA while SS polished the handle of his hasta-nAlika. They … Continue reading

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The hallucinations caused by uchchaTA

The history of the rasatantra branch of the kaula system is a vast topic in itself with numerous texts and practitioners. We may, if we get the chance, provide some glimpses of this material here. The medieval shaiva lore preserved … Continue reading

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huM phaT

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The shmashAna of kollagiri

Beating our Damaru we advanced to the great ground of kollagiri; We recited the face mantra-s of the archer ranging on the high adri; In our Aj~na chakra stood the bright pinAkin, famed as para-shiva; In his embrace was clasped … Continue reading

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