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More on the tragic failure of the brahma

Wandering like an incorporeal observer in the midst of the mlechCha-s, chIna-s and other peoples, in the northern regions of madhyama mlechChadesha, I was reading the biographies of two of my renowned coethnics S. Chandrasekhar and GN Ramachandran (being a … Continue reading

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deva yajana

We wandered like a bhogin in rati-given pleasure, Like a brahma-rakSha we roamed, neither here nor there, We became a kapAlin reciting the mantra-s of the 5 faces. On one side was life with a path leading to glory, On … Continue reading

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The two lakulin-s: Arya and yavana

The late white indologist Daniel Ingalls, whose Asana is now occupied by “der Narr von Deutschland”, and who has spawned a brood of mlechCha indologists who have been prominent in misinforming the uninformed regarding Hindu traditions [footnote 1], once remarked: … Continue reading

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