deva yajana

We wandered like a bhogin in rati-given pleasure,
Like a brahma-rakSha we roamed, neither here nor there,
We became a kapAlin reciting the mantra-s of the 5 faces.
On one side was life with a path leading to glory,
On the other was the southern road, bloody and miry,
The wise know the decision at the fork to not be ours.

Hoping not to become the target of the god’s arrow we offered with the yajus of nAbhAnediShThA mAnava:
eSha te rudra bhAgo yaM nirayAchathAstaM juShasva vidergopatyaGM rAyas poShaGM sUvIryaGM saMvatsarINAG svastiM ||

The mixed soma that remains is the bhAga of rudra.
Wandering but performing the soma yAga in the mind, we said soma mixed with barley is that of the thunderer:
divaH pR^ithivyAH paryantarikShAth svAhA kR^itam indrAya taM juhomi ||

This the act of yaj~na. We make over the yaj~na to him who is the ya~jna, meditating on the soma to swell. He who covers the worlds with his strides reverence:
viShNo tvaM no antamaH sharma yachCha sahantya | prate dhArA madhuShchuta uthasaM druhate akShitaM ||

With the yAga performed in our minds as bhR^igu did, as apnavAna did, and as aurva did. He who does so experiences the vR^iShTi of the marut-s whose call is the maithuna of eternal bhoga:
udapruto marutastAGM iyarta vR^iShTiM ye vishve maruto junanti | kroshAti gardA kanyeva tunnA peruM tu~njAnA patyeva jAyA ||

Then even as the bhR^igu-s drove away makha he reverences the gods and absorb the luster of makha:
namo .agnaye makhagne makhasya mA yasho .aryAditya |
namo rudrAya makhagne namaskR^ityA mA pAhi |
nama indrAya makhagna indriyaM me vIryaM mA nirvadhIH ||

He casts the spell saying:
rudrasya gANapatyAN
pUShNA sayujA saha

He sees the truth with:
mitraH saGMsR^ijya pR^ithivIM |
rudrAH saMbhR^itya pR^ithivIM |

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