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The grahaNa of the fourth hero

We learned that the amAtya was caught up with completing the devotions to the terrifying vighnarAja. We tried to reach the sachiva, but we could only reach MM. MM informed us that the sachiva had received the intelligence that the … Continue reading

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nAstika-s before the tathAgata and the nirgrantha

An essay by shrI sarvesha tivArI pointed me to some discussions that in turn reminded me of a debate with my parents’ jaina neighbors on a visit to bhArata long ago. He was narrating how vardhamAna was just the last … Continue reading

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Asia and geopolitics

The mettle of any nation or for that matter any individual is tested in war or strife. That is why we are inspired by the image of the soma-drinking thunderer: “AshuH shishAno vR^iShabho na bhImo ghanAghanaH kShobhaNash charShaNInAm| saMkrandano.animiSha ekavIraH … Continue reading

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balA to kAmeshvarI

“mAtar-bhaNDa-mahAdaitya-sUnavo yoddhum AgatAH || 77 || Mother, the great daitya bhaNDa’s sons have arrived to give battle. taiH samaM yoddhum ichChAmi kumAritvAt-sakautukA | I wish to battle them due to my youthful enthusiasm. saphurantAviva me bAhU yuddha-kaNDUyayAnayA || 78 || … Continue reading

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nAgArjuna’s head

Remember nAgArjuna’s head. The prince wanted to cut off nAgArjuna’s head and advanced with a sword. He thought that no one knew of his ways. But when two men speak thinking they are alone rAjan varuNa hears as the third. … Continue reading

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nAstika notes: ma~njushrI and the nAma-saMgIti

The meteoric rise of ma~njushrI in the bauddha realm is not immediately apparently in his hazy beginnings. He appears to have been the focus of the syncretic absorption of several deities which can be seen in course of the evolution … Continue reading

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adhika mantra-s of the nIlarudropaniShat

The nIlarudropaniShat has some additional mantra-s beyond those included in the nIlarudra sUktaM. These mantra-s are drawn from the raudra gaNa of the paippalAda saMhitA of the AV. The combination of the nIlarudra sUktaM along with the raudra gaNa (AV … Continue reading

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