Asia and geopolitics

The mettle of any nation or for that matter any individual is tested in war or strife. That is why we are inspired by the image of the soma-drinking thunderer:
AshuH shishAno vR^iShabho na bhImo ghanAghanaH kShobhaNash charShaNInAm|
saMkrandano.animiSha ekavIraH shataM senA ajayat sAkam indraH ||

But the modern Indian “elites” appears to have lost the ardor of their ancestors even as they stopped their rites to the lord of the gods.
Years ago the third hero was up to date with all the geopolitics of the age and he would inform us of loka-vyavahAra with brimming interest. I used to be amazed by how he gained this intricate and hard to find information. In my own circles those who were geopolitically aware, were a mere fraction of the third hero in their knowledge, with the exception of ekanetra. Over the years I continued to maintain a healthy geopolitical interest and furthered my analysis, but the third hero declined to a state of childish imbecility. In a recent meeting he displayed a level of ignorance way below everyone else in the quriltai – almost bordering on that of a dAtra-mudgarau wielding JNU graduate. It was this encounter that brought me to the unpleasant topic of the Asian situation.

As we have seen before on these pages, we are pitted in the civilizational clash with three major forces: 1) the pretAcharin-s headed by the shveta-charman-s of the krau~nchadvIpa and their secularized parent population from Western Europe, also known as the mlechCha-s. 2) The chIna-s guided by imperialist legalism which is cloaked under socialism. 3) The turuShka-s also known as the marUnmatta-s. Of these, our millennial enemies, the turuShka-s are considerably weaker than the other two. Yet they have two advantages: 1) of being lodged inside our own lands 2) of being able to sell themselves to the chIna-s and the mlechCha-s to gain an advantage again.

If we look at recent history, the mlechCha-s have been greatly stretched due to the disastrous advice given to the former mlechChAdhipati by the neo-cons and the crooked faced upa-mlechChAdhipati. They launched a futile invasion of Iraq with no notable gains and ignored Afghanistan where their dear concubine TSP is having fun at their expense. While the mlechCha-s have had great success in subverting the South Koreans to the pretamata, they have hardly made any headway against the chIna-backed North Koreans. While the mlechCha-s have succeeded in emasculating Japan with two nuclear bombs and the subsequent formatting of their “hard drives”, they have only strengthened the chIna-s. The chIna-s do not have the limitations of Japan and have spent time to learn to play a more cunning game. As they were beginning to assert themselves in the 1960s (including by savagely invading and grabbing our territory), the Russians put them in place in brief encounter exactly 40 years ago. The Russian drubbing of the chIna-s was something that the third hero had ironically studied in great depth as a youth. We realized that this was of great importance in providing us respite from the chIna-s. But the chIna-s having learned their lesson tried to seek secret cooperation with the mlechCha-s in undermining the Russians. The Russians by aiding the Vietnamese punctured both the mlechCha-s and the chIna-s and poured water on this alignment of vectors. However, the great war of gandhAra allowed both the mlechCha-s and the chIna-s to screw the Russians by using the turuShka-s as the proxy. As the Rus and mlechCha-s fought in their epic struggle the chIna-s kept out and kept building their armory. At the end of the shIta-yuddha the Russians had been routed and the mlechCha-s had dismantled their empire. This made the chIna-s all the more powerful and their aims were clearly to rival the victorious mlechCha-s.

The operation of the chIna-s is understood poorly by most outsiders. The old rAjan jAvAharlAl was an example of this. Starting with the notorious Shi Huang Di of the Chin, they developed a system of cloaking the inner political infrastructure of legalism with outer coats. These coats are used both to fool their own people as well as outsiders depending on the situation. This inner legalism-outer coat model also allowed the chIna-s to imitate the dominant geo-cultural trends of the age while retaining an inner control and identity via the legalist structure. Originally it was the outer sheen of Confucianism coating legalism, while in the Sui/Tang period the outer coat included the bauddha-mata while retaining same the inner pattern. In more recent times this outer coat has included socialism and more recently “Westernism”. This duality allows the chIna-s to interact and participate successfully with the dominant geo-cultural trend while retaining a certain inner identity. This inner identity is also projected inside the sphere of the dominant geo-cultural trend by careful image building. One striking example is that of the British biochemist Joseph Needham who was attracted to the chIna-s due to the shared common outer core of socialism. But he was soon used by the chIna-s to project an enormously positive image of their intellectual achievements to the world. While there is no question of the genuine achievements of the chIna-s, it is clear that Needham has exaggerated and over-attributed stuff to the chIna-s. Even today in the US the government pays to have exhibitions and seminars on ancient chIna medicine. In contrast, other civilizations with comparable achievements are typically denigrated by the west and negatively portrayed. Another aspect of this image building has been the acceptance of the chIna-s as equals or superiors by the western system. This aspect is based on a variety of factors such as: 1) the chIna-s exploiting the mlechCha fascination for shveta-tvacha and presenting themselves as shveta-charman-s too. 2) The chIna-s trying to project themselves as having higher IQ than the mlechCha-s (something which feeds into Galton’s early chIna fascination that has remained in the mlechCha world). 3) Taking up mlechCha names and emulating aspects of mlechCha culture to make the mlechCha-s feel comfortable with them. As a consequence the mlechCha-s have gained respect for the chIna-s and have a positively larger than life image of them. Finally, the mlechCha-s have in quest of an unnecessarily lavish lifestyle shipped away much of their production and debt to the chIna-s, creating a dependency. All this image-building has made the chIna-s themselves feel a sense of superiority and entitlement to world dominance.

Coming to the original chIna invasion of bhArata in the 1960s, we observe the following: The chIna-s smashed the Hindu forces rather swiftly and conquered our territory with impunity. In response all we could do was to go crying to the mlechChAdhipati for help, remember, not the Rus who were supposedly our friends. The mlechCha-s were hardly going to help us for free and demanded that we hand over our shiras to their turuShka friends in the north-west. In desperation, our defrauded rAjan was willing to capitulate to the mlechCha demands in return for aid against the chIna-s. The chIna-s swiftly realized the issue and decided not to squander their territorial gains in further encounters, decided to call off any further invasion and returned the Hindus whom they had taken prisoner while occupying the newly captured territory. Earlier, when the chIna-s conquered Tibet absolutely no one could do anything to stop them. Today the mlechCha-s and bhArata-s humbly acknowledge Tibet to be a part of the chIna empire. Certain key points should be understood:

1) While the mlechCha-s would give us some aid if chIna-s attack us outright, it will be at the cost of emasculating us on the turuShka front – they are really not interested in us getting strong.
2) The mlechCha-s really cannot do much by way of aid because: 2.1) they have less familiarity than us in any of these regions. 2.2) They are finding themselves stretched by their recent military adventures (they could do nothing against Russia in Georgia). 2.3) They are themselves held by the balls by the chIna-s due to the manufacturing and debt issues. 2.4) A large faction amongst them prefers the chIna-s to us due the above-described image building.
3) Like in the 1960s, our army is disastrously underprepared for a great war. This has been admitted recently by the chiefs of staff of our senA.

But why is this chIna-issue coming to the fore right now for bhArata? It is clear that chIna-s are gearing up for their long cherished dream of world domination. This plan includes multiple aspects: 1) The chIna-s see the mlechCha-s as their ultimate rivals in world dominance to which they feel entitled. 2) But through the 1990s and early 2000s the Hindus actually grew in their capabilities despite the numerous pricks and cuts from the turuShka-s. This created a local challenge for chIna-s. 3) Due the peculiar vicissitudes of the yuga, the Hindus started sliding closer to the mlechCha-s (Several Hindus too have a deep fascination and attraction towards “westernism”). In the chIna eyes this westward slide made the Hindus from a local challenge to a real cause of worry. From the chIna angle other geopolitical points are also relevant. The mlechCha-s have freed their Eastern front by emasculating Japan. They have neutralized the mlechCha-s and others in Korea. They have threatened the mlechCha-s enough to avoid them from intervening in Taiwan. They have used the mlechCha-s and diplomacy to contain Russia. So their arms are free to strike their only immediate concern in Asia – bhArata. But at the same time their own conquered populations like the Tibetans and Uighurs are in a state of unrest, they are having a surplus of single males and internal issues to due the mismanagement by the communist party and economic issues. The chIna-s sensed that due to a napuMsaka ruler in bhArata, the Vatican subversionist and the general sapping of the Hindu cultural ardor by mlechCha va~nchaka-s the Hindus have a vulnerability despite their economic successes. Further, they have realized that the Indian monsoons have failed which has added strain to the basic Indian infrastructure. The spreading H1N1 influenza virus epidemic and the accompanying conspiracy theories spreading through the Indian population are also seen as potentially demoralizing factors that might tie down the Hindus. So they see this as an opportune moment to tackle bhArata – it helps to both direct their stirring people’s attention outwards and also to remove an obstacle in their quest for world dominance. This is amply evident from the rhetoric and saber-rattling recently emanating from the chIna-s. The Hindu generals realized that unless the country awakens there would be no hope of countering the chIna-s invading bhArata – hence their statements are no surprise.

In an extreme scenario the chIna-s have multiple objectives in this direction: 1) To gain territory by seizing Hindu lands with Eastern Eurasian ethnic majority (Arunachal, Ladakh, Sikkim and parts of the North East, as also probably taking Nepal and Bhutan). These regions can be used to dump the excess Han males and make them take local females. 2) Demolish East and North Indian cities to curb any hope of Indian economic competition with them. 3) To weaken the Hindu military in Kashmir to allow the turuShka-s to do what they have not succeeded in thus far. 4) To destabilize southern, central and eastern India via internal socialist terrorists so that, on the whole, India becomes unattractive to the west. This would neutralize any Indian competition to the chIna quest for dominance.

The naive Hindu thinking has been that the nuclear deterrence would hold chIna-s from doing any such thing. Some others felt that the chIna-s would need to use nukes to achieve a successful dominance over India and are unlikely to risk that. Yet others say that the chIna record has been one of avoiding bringing major wars on themselves. However, I see that situation as unique enough that they are likely to risk it, perhaps even in this year itself. Whatever the case, I remain deeply concerned of the possibility that the chIna-s could achieve many of the above objectives without nukes entering in the equation – i.e. using conventional forces backed by the internal socialist terrorists, just like the Khmer rouge in Cambodia. One of the main reasons for this is not so much technological superiority as the sheer numerical superiority that also our undoing in the 1960s.
Some very approximate numbers:
chIna senA:2.25*10^6; bhAratIya senA:1.3*10^6
chIna vimAna-s:2300; bhAratIya vimAna-s: 1300; while our LCA is still in the works the chIna slave factories are producing numerous yuddha vimAna-s of their own, even if they are of low quality.
chIna nAva-s: 250; bhAratIya nAva-s:145; however we have an aircraft carrier that they lack, but they are working on acquiring one. We have also recently produced a nuclear submarine to counter the similar nAva of the chIna-s.
chIna astra-s: the Deng Fongs; bhAratIya astra-s: agni-V. While there are astra-s which can reach chIna the true competitor for the Deng Fongs, agni-V is yet to fly and go into mass production.
chIna-ANavAstra-s: 100-400; bhAratIya AnavAstra-s: 100-300
In terms of military logistics I fear that chIna-s might have considerably more transport aircraft than us. In light of all this I would not be surprised if we are in for an existential crisis from the imperialism of our North Eastern bhai-s.

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