The grahaNa of the fourth hero

We learned that the amAtya was caught up with completing the devotions to the terrifying vighnarAja. We tried to reach the sachiva, but we could only reach MM. MM informed us that the sachiva had received the intelligence that the fourth hero had been attacked fiercely and was being pressed really hard in battle. The amAtya of the unstoppable third hero had gone to make offerings at the parvata of rudra to help the first hero, who was locked in his abhichAra combat. This amAtya first rushed to the help of the falling fourth hero. Then the news was relayed to our sachiva that he needed to enter the battle. So our sachiva entered the battle to aid the 4th hero – he was in a stiff saMarya.

We realized that a hit on the 4th hero was a like a direct hit on the communication center of the army in a yuddha. But we had to move to yuvapura, and if the communication center was gone we would not know anything of how the sachiva or the amAtya fought the yuddha. Further due to us being in yuvapura the 4th hero could only be protected via the low-tech mantravAda of the sachiva and the amAtya – but they did what ever they knew well. Those who deploy karNa-yakShiNI should be careful as she is not for the pashu-s. As we were advancing to the vyomayAna we briefly saw the yakShiNI once – we wondered why we should see her. After finishing with the vyomayAna, we went with one of our former warriors to get some food in what was an unusually good summer day in the cold wastes of yuvapura. We again saw the yakShinI briefly – this raised our alarms a bit for we were to join a brief yuddha there after with some mlechChAdi. [Many years ago when were still filled with youthful enthusiasm we decided to embark on our great quest. There we encountered a powerful mlechCha warrior from the cold lands of the north. His skill with various shara-s left us with wonder. We realized that if we had to find a place amongst true yoddha-s we had to exceed him. Aided by the 1st hero who was then struggling in the grip of mohinI-s in balabaja-sthAna we reached shAlAgrama. About 18 hours after we reached there the deva-s gave us the shataghni, and once that was in our hand we knew how to find that way. With the shataghni we exceeded the said mlechCha vIra of bhagadatta-like prowess]. After the yuddha of yuvapura, the guru of the said mlechCha-vIra accepted our victory. We hence realized that the appearance of the yakShiNI had nothing to do with this. Then we encountered three prathama-s who had decayed to the state of chaNDAla-s and were thus deservedly made servants of the mlechCha-s. The yakShiNI suddenly appeared and prevented us from being polluted by them.

We then retired and fell asleep. Around 2.00 AM we heard the karNa-yakShiNI finally whisper in our ears – we suddenly realized what was going on. She said that a mAraNa had been sent at the 4th hero. It was a peculiar astra like one dispatched by devakI-putra in the days of yore. Neither the amAtya nor the sachiva, nor the amAtya of the 3rd hero nor other auShadhaprayogin-s could figure out what this astra was. For sometime we were in dread, but we realized that only the svAyudha of rudra could save the 4th hero. In the shmashAna we had said “namaste rudra manyave”. We hoped that it might save. At the sight of the approaching mAraNa the troops of the 4th hero scattered like deer at the roar of a tiger and even the experienced amAtya of the 3rd hero trembled in fear. Luckily the sachiva got the signal “namaste rudra manyave” and swung into action aided by some learned auShadhaprayogin-s. They were able to stabilize the 4th hero like analAsura countered by R^ichIka aurva.

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