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Yet another geopolitical yarn

As the va~Nga paNDita said it is no more fun to talk of geopolitics for what we have been prognosticating is turning out to be so nauseatingly true. Further, whatever new stuff we might have to say turns out to … Continue reading

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tryashra krIDa

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We were engaged in a conversation with ekanetra on variety of topics ranging from the preceptorial genealogies of the medieval advaita vedAntins to the mudgara-swinging bludgeon-men of parAkrama-bAhu in the “siMhala-damila mahAyuddha”. When, in the middle, ST chimed in that … Continue reading

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Tianyuraptor, Hesperonychus and Anchiornis

Anchiornis The enormous diversity of small dinosaurs is only recently becoming apparent. This is not surprising because birds, which are at the low end of the dinosaurian size spectrum, show considerable diversity today. The discovery of small dinosaurs has been … Continue reading

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turuShkANAM madhyAhna

“The Sultan has drawn near to Allah, the lord of majesty and omnipotence, the creator of the world of dominion and sovereignty. The Sultan who is Allah’s slave made mighty with allahic power, the Kalif, resplendent with allahic glory, who … Continue reading

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chaturdasha skanda-mAtR^i-kula-chakra

kumAra with the kula of glorious goddesses in the holy city of Mathura In the kaumAra lore an important chakra is the 14 fold chakra in the center of which guha is worshipped. There are 3 major AvaraNa-s: 1) the … Continue reading

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Every now and then a fossil comes along to cause a veritable revolution in understanding of an evolutionary scenario. Raptorex is one such and comes in the midst of a spectacular upheaval (or as Hindus would say praLaya) in our … Continue reading

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