The gandharva flight


We saw parachitAMbA and paramashaMbhu in our Aj~na chakra. Like a gandharva we flew through time and space holding our dUtI in embrace. We gazed on the hill of chaNDikA from afar. It was truly the hill of the bhUta-s who dance along with bhUtapati. On one end of the ridge was the pinnacle of the vetAla and the other end was the mound of chaNDikA. In between lay the circlet of stones of kapAlIsha-bhairava and rakta-chAmuNDA. Our chit rested in the mantra of the yAmala – the waves of existence merge into the bhairava and rebound resulting in his perception – we behold the one conjoined with the shakti – the li~Nga. We sense him who is known as vyomin and vyApin by the saiddhAntika-s. We descended to the ground ascended the steps towards Chatra of vinAyaka and then moved to the maNDapa of kAlikA. Then having saluted the li~Nga of somAkhyeshvara that we had installed in the days of yore we moved with our dUtI to the shmashAna of vetAleshvara where we had installed the li~Nga of ravIndreshvara after battling the dasyu-s. There on the muNDa ma~ncha we took our seat with our dUtI as shakti who is offered upachAra. Thereafter she opened the way for the paramasukha that is not available to those trapped in the lower existence of dissipation. We remained absorbed in yoga of abhisaMbodhi witnessing dance of the hordes of vIrabhadra and bhadrakAlI.

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