The ever malignant viDbhuk decided to take advantage of the absence of the sachiva who had gone to aid the 4th hero to attack the amAtya. We intimated the amAtya of the clause in the dharmasUtra-s regarding AtatAyin-s and that the time had come for observing it. The mantra of vAmadeva gautama was uttered to invoke agni who is called rakShohA and sent forth like a dart shot by sharva. And then the mighty thunderer, the slayer of vR^itra was invoked to make the dasyu bend before the Arya. The viDbhuk sent a cheTaka at the Amatya. It was like a collyrium heap and gruesome with kusha-like hair sticking out from above the ears. It attacked first at night when the amAtya as alone but the amAtya bold defended against it despite the fear it raised. The amAtya quickly realized what was happening and prepared the pratikriyA. The viDbhuk sneakily sent out a tiraskarin to prevent the amAtya from seeing the cheTaka. But luckily pre-warned by experience and aided by the vinAyaka rite the amAtya remained unfazed. But upon the second coming of the cheTaka the amAtya was prepared and unleashed the powerful counter-attack with brahmaskanda. The cheTaka went up in vapor like a missile of sAtyaki ending the somadatta-s. The yakShiNI netravatI showed that the viDhuk was raging like duryodhana when the pAshupatAstra fell on jayadratha on the 14th day.

We feared that kR^ishamukha might go to a fight with ST. But kR^ishamukha was held up in a great series of yuddha-s of his own and this did no happen (ST: I am sure he has quit the turf of asmAlloka and he is unlikely to ever cross your path).

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