chaturdasha skanda-mAtR^i-kula-chakra

kumAra with the kula of glorious goddesses in the holy city of Mathura

In the kaumAra lore an important chakra is the 14 fold chakra in the center of which guha is worshipped. There are 3 major AvaraNa-s: 1) the chaturdasha-mAtR^ikA; 2) the kR^ittikA chakra; 3) bhrAtR^I chakra with kumAra residing in the bindu

The devatA-s of the chaturdasha-mAtR^ikA are:
AveshinI, ashrumukhI, kutUhalI, ekastanI, jR^imbhiNI, stambhinI, mohinI, kR^iShNA, vishAkhA, vimalA, brahmarAtrI, bhrAtR^ivya-sa~NkhI, iShupatantI, amoghA
The devatA-s of the kR^ittikA chakra are:
ambA, dulA, nitatnI, abhrayantI, meghayantI, varShayantI
The devatA-s of the bhrAtR^i chakra are:
shAkha, viShAkha and nejameSha.
The devatA of the bindu is:

This was first established in the days of yore in holy city of Mathura, the kShetra which was then graced by several kumArAlaya-s. There was first the old city of Mathura (the Mathura near puShpapura, now Peshawar in the terrorist state) that lay near where the head of mahiSha when severed by skanda had fallen blocking the way to the uttara-kuru lands. Then a new Mathura arose in the land of the yadu-s and finally another Mathura arose in dakSiNApatha in the land of the pANDya-s. Each of them was the center of kumArAlaya-s in yore. But the holy city of Mathura in yadu land was the great kaumAra kShetra of the past. Repairing there one revels in recounting and hearing the various sports of kumAra starting with his deeds as parvata-nAshaka, the destroyer mountains. One recalls the account of the fiery son of agni impaling krau~ncha the son of himavat with his arrows and demolishing the peaks of the shveta-parvata with his shakti and sending other mountains flying off the earth. Then one recalls his marriage with devasenA who is also known as ShaShThI. Having done so, one recalls his frightful roars and war-cries fiery deeds in battles with dAnava-s and the overthrowing of the demonic prahlAda. Then on a ShaShThI night he repairs to the kadamba-vana and invokes skanda with the secret mantra and the trishatI in which it is embedded. He then invokes the red lohitAyanI holding a deadly shUla. While a brAhmaNa offers her red arka flowers, other varNa-s might offer her blood. He then invokes the twin deities mi~njikA and mi~jinka, the fierce shishu, ShaShThI, agni, indra and viShNu with oblations in his ritual fire. He then invokes the deva in the circle of glorious goddesses in the maNDala outlined above. The chakra might also take the form of 3-dimensional maNDala like a meru.


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