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IFS addiction

This is our 20th year with this addiction …

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The story of Mn

We have referred to Mn under many disguises. He was and remains the master of concealment and image-building but the muni had seen through him early and summarily dismissed his disguises. The muni had formerly made him the topic of … Continue reading

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The monitors

There was a good program aired by PBS on the monitor lizards that features some work done by Pianka who has been studying these lizards for several decades. I could identify with his fascination for these lizards as I felt … Continue reading

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The third enslavement?

The coming of the marUnmatta-s resulted in our first loss of freedom. The leukotestate indologists and their xanthotestate fellow travelers from the eastern fringe of the world told us that it was no enslavement but a cultural enrichment (Hey, we … Continue reading

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The field beyond the seven trees

Sporting with the dUtI we reached the spot where seven trees stood in a row. Those were verily like the trees which had been denuded of their leaves by fist of the tawny ape vAlin. Our dUtI who was verily … Continue reading

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Of allosaurs and megalosaurs

It was a cold and wet day, hardly inspiring to anyone. Rambling to our lair through the dismal mists, with not a mammal in sight other than me, we saw the triumphal sign of the dinosaurian presence in the form … Continue reading

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A mantra fossil from the vedo-tAntric transition in charaka

The chikitsAsthAna of the charaka saMhitA cites a formula to be recited during the compounding of the agada termed the mahAgandhahasti (23.90): mama mAtA jayA nAma jayo nAmeti me pitA | sohaM jayajayAputro vijaye.atha jayAmi cha | namaH puruShasiMhAya viShNave … Continue reading

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vijayanagaran activities in shrI lankA

Since the vijayan colonization of lankA several south India empires have extended their sway over lankA. On occasions, the lankans too invaded or interfered with the mainland, most famous occasion being the invasion of parAkramabAhu. Due to some prominent historians … Continue reading

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Neuregulins, serotonin transporter and creativity

That the line between genius and madness can be thin one — this reality struck me hard when, as youth, I saw a mad Hindu mathematician on television. Some time later I got a chance to learn about the powerful … Continue reading

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A note on some recent work on Indian genetics

Recently the English scientific tabloid published an article on the genetic variation in Indians which has led to some excitement among the Hindus. The reactions of what appears to be the majority of internet-active Hindus were rather predictable and keeping … Continue reading

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