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IFS addiction

This is our 20th year with this addiction …

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The story of Mn

We have referred to Mn under many disguises. He was and remains the master of concealment and image-building but the muni had seen through him early and summarily dismissed his disguises. The muni had formerly made him the topic of … Continue reading

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The monitors

There was a good program aired by PBS on the monitor lizards that features some work done by Pianka who has been studying these lizards for several decades. I could identify with his fascination for these lizards as I felt … Continue reading

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The third enslavement?

The coming of the marUnmatta-s resulted in our first loss of freedom. The leukotestate indologists and their xanthotestate fellow travelers from the eastern fringe of the world told us that it was no enslavement but a cultural enrichment (Hey, we … Continue reading

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The field beyond the seven trees

Sporting with the dUtI we reached the spot where seven trees stood in a row. Those were verily like the trees which had been denuded of their leaves by fist of the tawny ape vAlin. Our dUtI who was verily … Continue reading

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Of allosaurs and megalosaurs

It was a cold and wet day, hardly inspiring to anyone. Rambling to our lair through the dismal mists, with not a mammal in sight other than me, we saw the triumphal sign of the dinosaurian presence in the form … Continue reading

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