The field beyond the seven trees

Sporting with the dUtI we reached the spot where seven trees stood in a row. Those were verily like the trees which had been denuded of their leaves by fist of the tawny ape vAlin. Our dUtI who was verily a madadrava said that beyond these trees was the spot of mR^ityu, where yama bore away those whose term had come. She added it was verily the raurava hell on earth, where, before completing their term, people suffered the tortures of vaivasvata’s bhR^itya-s. For them the coming of the mahiShavAhana was not a cause of sorrow but the eternal relief from the ordeals of chitragupta. Riding our fleet ashva-s we reached the spot beyond the seven trees and the seat of dharmarAjan-s play. At that far away spot were cooped up the rakSha-s of bhR^igu, they who were sent forth during the destruction of dakSha’s adhvara. We went beyond it to the vast shmashAna. In our mind we intoned the words to the wielder of the pAshupata missile. Beyond it was a vast field. The great kShatriya of light pulled down the nakShatra of the day even as the kShatriya of the night, who was praised by shunaHshepa in the days of yore, unfurled the R^ikSha in the high skies. We saw the birds sweeping their heads to catch the magnetic lines and take of in the direction known by that great kShatriya with the pAsha. In that great field with knowledge of the pAsha-s of yama and the great asura prachetas we lay in unison with her whose hair was the like the array of monsoonal clouds of massed by indra against the wall of the sahyAdri. On one side was the gandharva known as mR^ityu on the other side was the gandharva vishvAvasu. But we held on to her whose stanau were like the pots of surA made ready for the ashvinau at the sautrAmaNi rite, and whose smell was like the yakSha’s saugandhika flower. Delighting in rati but ever aware of the buffalo-rider who was at hand we were drinking the honey of ana~Nga’s cup. In the state of the urdhvasravas we took up the mantra of the circle of the yoginI-s headed by viliste~NgA, chatuShpathaniketA and shishumAramukhI.

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