The third enslavement?

The coming of the marUnmatta-s resulted in our first loss of freedom. The leukotestate indologists and their xanthotestate fellow travelers from the eastern fringe of the world told us that it was no enslavement but a cultural enrichment (Hey, we at least get to call the zilebia and the samosa India food). After the mlechCha-s had been packed out of our land ending our 2nd physical enslavement, our eminent netAji-s, who were usually prone to pulling Gandhis, at least tested ANavAstra-s. Most mlechCha-s with whom I have spoken feel no remorse about the killing of the 220000 prAchya-s (minimum) with their ANavAstra-s. In fact, some of them expressed pride and all of them offered all kinds of self-serving justifications. When asked about their well-documented plan to keep dropping several ANavAstra-s on the prAchya-s the mlechCha-s tell us of course they would have done it and there was nothing wrong in that plan. At least the mauryan publicly recanted his killing of 100,000 kali~Nga-s with mere shalya-s and showed remorse for the act for the rest of his existence. It is for reasons such as this we describe the mlechCha-s as barbarians. These same mlechCha-s endlessly pontificate to us about giving up ANavAstra-s — verily only a fool who thinks himself to be a paNDita will use this famous mlechCha-nyAya. But with the turning wheel of the kali things has come to such pass that it appears that we have verily become such fools. The truth is that some of our ANavAstra-s might have been damp fizzes, much like the occasional wet viSphoTaka we would experience in the dIpotsava-s of yore. But the turbaned and shrouded napuMsaka-s who pass off as pUjya netAji-s these days do not want the people to know any of this. Why is this the case? After all now a days we have no kShatriya-s ruling us but a mere gaNarAjaya where the klaibya nIlashirastrANa is elected by the masses. So should the klaibya not do what the masses want? That would be the case only if the masses really demand it. But what has happened is that the masses have been put to sleep with krIDa and kAma that they no longer bother if they really have an ANavAstra or not. To drive the nail in to the coffin the paramapUjya netAji-s are repeatedly lying to the people of bhArata claiming they have the astra. In the mean time they are selling the rAShTra to those same mlechCha-s who have murdered hundreds of thousands of people in a nimesha. Truly we are poised to enter our 3rd enslavement — what does it matter if it is directly under the mlechCha-s, their pretAchArin proxies or some regional opportunist like the chIna-s or the marUnmatta-s. Even the woman, who in the Kazakh entertainment unties the horse knot with her teeth, might feel safer than this forsaken woman called bhAratI.

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