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Death in the bloom

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Wither the genius of locus?

We did not complete the earlier note because we hoped we might experience the genius of locus. However, ekanetra had remarked that the locus without the people is one perpetually lacking in the genius – at least “rationality” demands that. … Continue reading

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Reviving memories again: the local flora

Of course now the tale of “phUl Akhir phal banA” appears a distant joke despite all the nightmares in between :-)

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Nostalgia: entomofauna on the home turf

The diversity in bhArata remains unmatched still

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A Prodigious lime

In course of their kR^iShi karman my folks encountered a prodigious lime (or a pair of them). Duly, they interpreted it as a visitation by the mighty vinAyaka. Given that an old sthala of the gANapatya tAntrika-s lies about of … Continue reading

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Some speculation on the Indo-Aryan cult of the vasu-s

Parts of the below material were inspired by extended collaborative discussions with shrI KR. The winter solstice/year beginning in the last part of shraviShTha (1300 BCE) The three great categories of gods in the veda and beyond Though absent in … Continue reading

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The madman, the seeker of knowledge and the sociology of science

I read parts of an engagingly written book by a Russian authoress Masha Gessen on the mathematician Perelman. There after while walking through the cold autumn stillness some waves lashed the cranial shores of my mind-sea. Some of the most … Continue reading

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The prelude to the philosophical penetration

It was a couple of months after dvAdashAnta. We were wandering on our ashva at the foothills of the chanDikA parvata. We went down the road south of the vinAyaka chaitya and the kapAla slopes and continued on the long … Continue reading

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Lama tAranAtha’s account of the nAstika virUpA the younger

In the kaccha country in the west lived a king named vibharaTTa during whose reign lived the siddha virUpA. He had a daughter who became the queen of devapAla. vibharaTTa had a temple that enshrined both bauddha and Astika images. … Continue reading

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An account from Lama tAranAtha’s history

During the reign of pa~nchamasiMha lived two brothers who were AchArya-s of the tIrthika-a. One of them named dattAtreya was supposed to teach the doctrine of samAdhi. The second named sha~NkarAchArya was a worshiper of mahAdeva. He chanted mantra-s on … Continue reading

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The cutting edge of Symmetry

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