An account from Lama tAranAtha’s history

During the reign of pa~nchamasiMha lived two brothers who were AchArya-s of the tIrthika-a. One of them named dattAtreya was supposed to teach the doctrine of samAdhi. The second named sha~NkarAchArya was a worshiper of mahAdeva. He chanted mantra-s on jar with a covered lid. From the jar mahAdeva would emerge up to the neck and teach the art of debate. In va~Nga he entered into debates with the bauddha-s and defeated them repeatedly. The bauddha scholars wanted to call in dharmapAla, chandragomin or chandrakIrti to debate with sha~Nkara, but the local paNDita-s did not want their prestige to go down with outsiders coming to save their face. They decided to take on sha~Nkara himself and were defeated by him in debate. As a result 25 bauddha centers fell to the tIrthika and 500 bauddha-s gave up the saMgha to become shaiva-s. Similarly, in oDivisha appeared a disciple of sha~Nkara called bhaTTAcharya. He had been made an expert in nyAya by the daughter of brahmA. A bauddha AchArya kulishashreShTha approached him in debate proud over his strength of grammar and logic. But he was routed in the debate with bhaTTAcharya and as a result bauddha-s had to forfeit their slaves to the tIrthika-s. The tIrthika-s now occupied the temples of the bauddha-s. In the south were two mighty tIrthika polemicists, the brAhmaNa named kumArlIla and kaNanAda (could it be Tamilized corruption of gaNanAtha; the Tibetan is: gzegs-ma-sgra-sgrorg). The latter was a shaiva (pAshupata) who observed the govrata. In many debates in the south they routed the successors of buddhapAlita, bhavya, dharmadAsa and dignAga. Similarly not one belonging to the shrAvaka saMgha or a sthaviravAdin was able to stand them in a debate. As a result many of the saMghA had to go over to the tIrthika brAhmaNa-s and the latter robbed the saMgha of its property.

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