Lama tAranAtha’s account of the nAstika virUpA the younger

In the kaccha country in the west lived a king named vibharaTTa during whose reign lived the siddha virUpA. He had a daughter who became the queen of devapAla. vibharaTTa had a temple that enshrined both bauddha and Astika images. The rAjan was a bauddha but his ministers were tIrthika-s. While building the temple the rAjan placed human-sized images of both tIrthika and bauddha deities in the same shrine. The bauddha-s asked him to build separate temples instead. The tIrthika-s wanted them together in the same shrine and the ministers agreed to this. The king asked virUpA to do pratiShTha of the images. He did no ritual but simply said in a Bengali form of apabhramsha “Aisha Aisha”. All the idols came out and assembled in the corridor of the temple. He then asked the deities to sit down and they all sat down on the floor of the corridor. He then took a pot of water and sprinkled it on the heads of the deities. The deities of the bauddha-s got up and walked into the shrine laughing aloud. The deities of the tIrthika-s remained seated outside with their heads hung low. This temple named amR^itakumbha still exists.

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