Wither the genius of locus?

We did not complete the earlier note because we hoped we might experience the genius of locus. However, ekanetra had remarked that the locus without the people is one perpetually lacking in the genius – at least “rationality” demands that. By means of the vyomayAna we reached the mAtR^ibhUmI and travelled through the night from the city of dirt to our fortress. As we looked out from the ratha the bright Sirius on a moonless night illuminated the south eastern path, while the seven R^ikSha-s rose prominently over the northern welkin constituting that great chamasa of the deva-s. Finally, winding out of our python-like lassitude we set out the look around our old environs for the first time in a vedic yuga. We, an incongruous pair, went, borne by the old ratha, to the old kShetra. There a new giant Mobius band had been erected along with a look-alike of the rAjpUt astronomer’s sundial. The rest had a sense of emptiness about – it appeared to have been overtaken by squalid urchins, as is not uncommon in certain parts of jambudvIpa. The faces that passed us appeared to be more steeped in ignorance than enlightenment and there was a profound distemper in their attitude. We ascended the sundial and read out the time on the quadrant – 2.48 PM. Our phone gave the time as 2.47 PM –“not bad”, we said to ourselves and descended. Then we accompanied the sachiva in procuring groceries from an obscure shop. The teeming masses milled around us in vast numbers – some afflicted by lepromatous lesions and yet others racked with tubercular coughs. We hoped that The god may keep his arrows far away from us and continued our business. Our companion complained of the piercing gazing of the eye of the aditya-s, which had mounted the sky in all its glory looking down most unrelentingly upon the mAnuSha. I remarked that it is indeed a blessing from the divine kShatriya-s that he blazes so unblinkingly for his gaze clears the land of the rakSha-s and yAtudhAna that were being so regularly sprayed by the masses via their vin-mUtrAdi on to the patha-s of the vast jambudvIpa. Having procured various roots and fruits we returned to our fort. If there was a genius of locus it had indeed fled far away.
continued …

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