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Bistahieversor, Haplocheirus and other recently announced dinosaurs

Bistahieversor: A recent publication by Carr and Williamson describes a new tyrannosauroid from the Late Cretaceous (Campanian) of New Mexico. The work is accompanied by a phylogenetic analysis that presents some interesting features. However, the paper appears to have been … Continue reading

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The mystery goddess of the shu~Nga period

Many a time memes expressing themselves in the philological medium and those that express themselves in the material medium of art and architecture share several common motifs. Yet these two sets of memes can show a striking disconnect in many … Continue reading

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The culmination of the tAntrika education of an AtharvaNa

After having changed his yaj~nopavIta, the dvija who has studied the shruti of the bhR^igu-s and the a~Ngiras goes to the preceptor to unlock the great secret of the tantra. He recites the triShaptIya which is the foundation of all … Continue reading

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brAhmaNa-s and nAstika-s

We had discussion with our friend as to whether the brAhmaNa-s subverted the nAstika mata from within. In a sense, this is not a new theory: Astika narratives state that rudra sent bR^ihaspati to delude the asura-s by posing as … Continue reading

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Earthly heroes and divinities

The three figures to the left are identified as the 3 peshvA-s: bAlAjI vishvanath: The hero who took the saffron dhvaja back to indraprastha which had been defiled by the turuShka-s for 600 years. bAjirAv: The hero who brought the … Continue reading

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namaH shivAbhyAM

umAyAH pataye chaiva hiraNyapataye sadA   | hiraNyabAhave tubhyaM vR^iShA~NkAya namo namaH || The image is supposedly from very close to the time of reign of rAghavadeva who ousted the chIna-bhoTAdi from the land of himAlaya-s.  There is one element … Continue reading

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A discursion on the sanatkumArIya pa~nchabrahma (siddha-shaMkara) tantra and the early evolution of the dakShiNashaiva system

Diversity and syncretism in the bhairava or dakShiNa srotas The bhairava-srotas of the shaiva mantramArga was clearly one of the most speciose branches of the shaiva-shAsana. From the ancestral bhairava-srotas base that itself most probably arose from the kApAlika-oriented streams … Continue reading

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