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The oldest surviving planetary ritual of the Hindus

Certain white Indologists and their Japanese imitators have often held the dishonest view that Hindus were unaware of planets until the yavana-s informed them of their existence in the sky. This view was demolished by the great patriot of the … Continue reading

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Three of the heroes had fallen

He had become a powerful yogin but had not acquired j~nAna. He had acquired j~nAna but lacked the power of yoga. So they wandered the earth never reaching their desired destination. But the third one, who only observes, said none … Continue reading

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Of dogs and underdogs

While being hemmed in by the hima pralaya we spoke to the va~Nga paNDita. We concurred that there was not really anything new to comment on geopolitics, for what ever we had to say had been said and things were … Continue reading

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A pan-Indian tale of the nAtha yogin-s

The lore of the nAtha siddha-s is of pan-Indian distribution. Its colloquial forms are fast evolving like genetic loci involved in host-parasite interactions. Yet, these colloquial forms of the tradition have such a grip on the lay masses that in … Continue reading

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early kaumAra iconography from Mathura

The holy city of Mathura is one of the great sthala-s for the member of the kumAra shAsana. Above are a sampling of images of what survives of the early kaumAra iconography after the several Mohammedan assaults on the city. … Continue reading

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A visual guide to avian phylogeny

To truly appreciate its beauty click on the image and see it at higher magnification. Key (grid of 8 columns X12 rows): [ [1) Crow; 2) Blue Tit; 3) Gray Parrot; 4) Falcon; 5) Seriema;] 6) [Puffbird; 7) Jacamar; 8)Barbet; … Continue reading

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