The experience: transient and eternal

Having reached the ford I called on indra for aid and also that great devI who had birthed him, who is praised in the shrutI of the atharvan-s. The great deva-s and gnA-s had granted us the victory we sought and in great pleasure we crossed ford and moved on. Then in the shmashAna we were in the embrace of the glorious dUtI. One side we were thawed by the embers of an antyeShTi, while on the other by the warm pleasures of rati. The heavy tresses of her hair framed her face of ivory complexion like the blackness of the clearest night framing the heavenly cup of soma. We lay there conjoined at the eternal cusp, in the vishuvAn of consciousness, drinking the soma trickling from the great lotus that abode of rati-shekhara conjoined with the aroused mAlinI, who coursed along the kulapatha. The pIna-stana-s of dUtI, the fount of all pleasure, shone like the nishAkara and the tigmAMshu that shine in the sky of the consciousness. Her eyes sparkled, lit by the flames of the pitR^ivana, like of the color of beta Cygni at the head of the swan. We perceived the haMsa that courses through all of us, even as abhiprAtarin kAkShasenI and shaunaka kapeya had seen the mighty vAyu, who reigns over the bright svatI that was rising to the highest summit. He who has mastered the yoga dwells in that state as the drinker of soma.

We moved to the next ford beyond which lay the fort. We again invoked indra and viShNu like sudAsa on the banks of the swollen river. The didyu-s flashed on our behalf and our victorious horses bore the vAja impelled by the marut-s. By the deva-s we had crossed the unimaginable coils of vR^itra, even as we had done when we moved on to our first campaign. Then, we moved to the capital fort and reviewed information from our dUta-s. We saw the effects of an abhichAra which surprised us. We understood its significance after we obtained intelligence of an unexpected “mosquito proboscis” operation by the vairi. We experienced a stambhana due to the combined AkramaNa-s. But then we knew that indra could bring us aid against the ari but the yAtudhAna was even more fearsome.

Meditating on the drinking of soma we recited the secret sAman composed on the R^ik of pragAtha ghaura kANva:
apAma somam amR^itA abhUmaaganma jyotir avidAma devAn |
kiM nUnam asmAn kR^iNavad arAtiH kimu dhUrtir amR^ita martyasya ||

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