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Azendohsaurus, the early archosauromorph radiation and a new position for turtles

We were walking down the bower to our lair in the late afternoon hour. We were the only representative of the mammalian clade in sight; all other vertebrates perceived by way of their manifold cacophonies and displays of color were … Continue reading

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The dangers of Turkey

This is just a brief distraction from our paleontological narratives to which we hope return. It is important for Hindus to observe Turkey. Some time ago in our discussion on Islamic potentates we had mentioned that Turkey sits on a … Continue reading

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yavanAnAM trishirAs-tvAShTra: Geryon Trikephalos

A vase depicting the battle with Geryon A temple fragment from Cyprus showing the cattle raid on Geryon RV 10.8.7-9 asya tritaH kratunA vavre antar iChan dhItiM pitur evaiH parasya | sachasyamAnaH pitror upasthe jAmi bruvANAyudhAni veti || trita, in … Continue reading

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The mahAmAyUrI-vidyA-rAj~nI

We had earlier mentioned how the mahAmAyUrI-vidyA-rAj~nI (MVR), an early kriyA tantra of the tAthAgata-s, is an important text to understand the evolutionary transition in the mantra-shAstra from the vaidika to the tAntrika state. Gathering texts that illustrate this transition … Continue reading

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The rant of tilopA

The nAstika tilopA from the va~Nga country is highly regarded among Tibetans. He was an aggressive subversionist of his former dharma. He says in apabhraMsha: bamhA vihNu mahesura devA | bohisattva ma karahu seva | deva ma pUjahu titya Na … Continue reading

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