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Some peculiarities of the pada paTha

Years ago while learning RV 2.12.13 I encountered a peculiarity of Vedic usage that I asked my teacher about. He described the two alternatives: 1) going with pata~njali’s recommendation that the pada pATha should be reconstructed as per pANini, ignoring … Continue reading

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The mantra saMhitA of the devI purANa

The devI purANa is one of the several dedicated shAktA purANa-s such as devI-bhAgavata, mahAbhagavata and kAlikA. The sections of other purANa-s like the proto-skanda purANa (the vindhyavAsinI section), the mArkaNDeya purANa (the devI mAhAtmya section) and the lalitopAkhyAna of … Continue reading

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jyeShThA in shivAlaya-s

Some of the major saiddhAntika pratiShTha tantra-s give an account of the installation of alakShmI or jyeShThA along with her daughter rakta-jyeShThA or mAnyA and her son vR^iSha who in shaiva tradition is bull-headed. Unfortunately, this section has not been … Continue reading

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Did Wallace completely understand evolution?

At the outset I must present the disclaimer that I am no scholar of the histories of Wallace or Darwin. What I state here is merely my impression gleaned from readings of their own works and a subset of the … Continue reading

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Southwest monsoons in kAvya

The life line of bhArata, the southwest monsoon wind, appears to have been an object of attention of the Hindu poets over the ages. One example presented by vidyAkara, whose author remains unknown to me, goes thus: vAti vyasta-lava~Nga-lodhra-lavalI-ku~njaH kara~nja-drumAn … Continue reading

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Turtle origins: A flawed return to the parareptile theory by the morphologists

We have repeatedly discussed on these pages how molecular phylogenies have consistently shown morphological phylogenies to be outright wrong. The examples are many, and we need not rehash them again. A few researchers, including us, have seen this incongruence as … Continue reading

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Origin mythologies from the upper penisula

R and me were wandering in the mAhArATTa country after having rid ourselves from the curricular entanglements. We rode on our “ashva-s” past the prickly pear that stood between a low encasement of Deccan basalts and the most ancient temple … Continue reading

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