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mAhAsamanta “feudalism”?

“nUtana-mAnava-samAjasya-purashcharaNam mArksa-engelsa-lenina-nAmadheyAnAm tejasvinAm mahA-mAnavAnAm punIta-smaraNArtham ||” Thus, Kosambi the pitAmaha of the deshIya rudhira-dhvaja-s offers his ma~NgAlacharaNaM to his mentors, of all places in the introduction to his edition of the vAkya-s of bhartR^ihari. He claimed that he was working … Continue reading

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The kingfisher

The great kShemendra in his characterization of the qualities of a kavI had mentioned how he should be a good naturalist. This is an old quality whose germs are seen in vAlmIki himself. Here is a little word-painting by the … Continue reading

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The mantra of aghorA according to the tradition of the kAlI-kula

The devI aghorA, as we have seen before, emerged first as the shakti of aghora in the root tantra-s of the bhairava srotas. She was described under several related names such as aghoreshvarI and appears to be the foundation from … Continue reading

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kaumara mantra-s of as per the vaikhAnasa shruti

The kaumAra-shAsana holds that its mantra-s are of two types name shruti-prakR^iti and Agama-prakR^iti. The former mantra-s are those of vaidika origin. The rahasya trishati is said to specify mantra-s of both the classes. bhUtapatir gatAta~Nko nIla-chUDaka-vAhanaH || 34/287 The … Continue reading

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The eka-pa~nchAshan-nR^isiMha-nAmAni according to the kaula tradition

As per the shaiva tradition of the brahma-yAmala that expounds the lore of kAplIsha bhairava and raktachAmuNDA, the sixth srotas is that of the nR^isiMha tantra-s. Another tradition like that recorded by abhinavagupta and jayaratha state this srotas was that … Continue reading

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The shR^i~NgAra katha of kumAra from the islander’s narrative

In later northern Indian tradition a euphemistic transformation was imposed on kumAra – from a deity capable of erotic flourishes he was transmogrified into an eternal bachelor who shunned women. Behind this façade was a persistent tradition in parts of … Continue reading

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