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Visualizing shivAjI’s svarAjya

Long ago in my school days I accessed a book by a marATha scholar in which he had carefully catalogued all the battles of shivAjI. These battles comprise a most remarkable series of events in the struggle of the Hindu … Continue reading

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A tAntrika interpretation of vaidika mantra

Having completed the second circle we mediated up on the might of the great archer invoking him with the mantra whose R^iShi is haryata the son pragAtha of the clan of the kANva-s and whose meter is the gAyatrI: antar … Continue reading

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The making of identities

It is important that Hindus as a part of their defensive strategy anthropologize their rivals – this act of reverting the gaze on them is also critical to redress the balance of power. An important aspect of this is the … Continue reading

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Imaginary ratios

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The gold rush

It is every true man’s dream that he may find a nugget of true gold as this, though most are destined only to possess pyrites or a virtual dream as this.

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trayodasha-prAkArIya pa~nchadashi kaumAra chakra

In the ancient series of vidyA-s of the kaumAra-mata, one of the most celebrated, whose realization flashes like an immense wave of beauty and energy, is the expanded kula-vidyA. The yAga of the expanded kula-vidyA is the worship of ShaNmukha … Continue reading

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