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The mantra-s of the kubjikA-mantra-mAlA

The kubjikA mantra mAlA is one of the remnants of the once active kubjikA-mata system that currently survives in southern India. Text is a collection of mantra-s which are deployed like a stotra by the votary in worshiping kubjikA. The … Continue reading

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Torvoneustes and a note on the diversification of dentition in derived thalattosuchians

As background for this note one may read our comprehensive review of the basics of crocodile evolution. There have been some interesting developments in the field of crocodile evolution since the note alluded to above. Firstly, we had a note … Continue reading

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The army of vijayanagara

The memories of the Hindu response to the turuShka depredation of our land (captured by the upavIra at vijayanagara). Note the camels and the musket-wielding infantry.

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A discourse on a shiva mantra and ArSha usage in it

stomaM vo adya rudrAya shikvase kShayadvIrAya namasA didiShTana | yebhiH shivaH svavAn evayAvabhir divaH siShakti svayashA nikAmabhiH || RV10.92.9 stomaM=a chant (accusative singular); vaH= personal pronoun; adya= today (adverb); rudrAya= rudra (dative singular); shikvase= skilled-one (*ArSha* dative singular); kShayadvIrAya= lord … Continue reading

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kumArAnujAya namaH ||

kumbha-sthalI rakShatu vo vikIrNa sindUra-reNur dviradAnanasya prashAntaye vighna-tamash-ChaTAnAM niShThyUta-bAlAtapa-pallaveva ||

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A brief hagiography of aghorashiva deshika

The saiddhAntika tradition or the Urdhvasrotas of the shaiva mantra-mArga has an extensive exegetical tradition that covers a variety of topics. Of these the doctrinal sections are mainly of interest to the practicing shaiva insider. This material has some historical … Continue reading

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