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What should they teach?

The prolix Balagangadhara of Ghent in a talk available on YouTube brings up the question of teaching bhAratIya viShaya-s in mlechCha universities. In this regard we have earlier discussed the California textbook case the role of the activist indologists in … Continue reading

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Some meanderings on videshya in Indo-Aryan

The traditional thought of the Arya-s described a class of words termed deshya or originating in the country. Modern analysis suggests that this class is a mixture comprised of: 1) non-Aryan words presumably emerging from the inhabitants of the sub-continent … Continue reading

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A late-surviving new Sinitic basal theropod

We must state upfront that the below is based on a news report and not a published scientific paper. Hence, the discussion here is necessarily tentative. Of course one might question the wisdom of discussing these unpublished specimens of great … Continue reading

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The dAnavI mantra

There are two vidyA-s of viliste~NgA. The first is the oShadhi prayoga which is known to the bhArgava-s as per the atharvaNa shruti (AV-vulgate 7.38.2). But this lore is only for women. The other is the celebrated dAnavI or AsurI … Continue reading

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