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Mysterious king shUdraka

Great rulers in Indian literary tradition Indian literary tradition has a rather telescoped view of post-epic history. By epic history we might consider the period circumscribed by the rAmAyana, the bhArata and the harivaMsha and the period before the post-bhArata … Continue reading

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agnisharman and the crab

agnisharman was on a pilgrimage to the temple of revanta in the magadha country. He entered a forest full of refreshing foliage and then reached a pleasant lake in the middle of it. There he took a bath and having … Continue reading

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Some notes on Rashid ad-Din bin Imad ud Dawla Abu’l Khair and his times

There are many ironies that are iconic of the Mohammedan world. One such is a monument in the modern Islamic state that occupies Iran with a gigantic statue depicting a Jewish intellectual from the 1200-1300s: Rashid ad-Din. The tale of … Continue reading

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More atrocities in the name of art :-)

gada’s child

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On poposaurs

We had begun a narration of one of the most notable events in the evolution of vertebrates, i.e., the radiation of the archosauriformes after the Permian-Triassic transition. We held back from going ahead with it because we became aware that … Continue reading

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