agnisharman and the crab

agnisharman was on a pilgrimage to the temple of revanta in the magadha country. He entered a forest full of refreshing foliage and then reached a pleasant lake in the middle of it. There he took a bath and having refreshed himself continued his journey after filling his kamaNDalu. Around noon he reached the dry bed of stream where a crab was stuck and was dying by drying out in the sun. Filled with pity, the brAhmaNa put the crab in his kamaNDalu and proceeded. At sunset he lay down to sleep under a tree. In tree lived a crow couple and a cobra which who were great friends. The female crow who was ovulating asked her mate to pluck out agnisharman’s eyes and give it to her. He said it was not possible to do it when the brAhmaNa was still alive. The cobra who heard this offered help and said he would bite the brAhmaNa and once he died the crows could eat his eyes. The snake uncoiled himself and proceeded to bite him. The female crow came down eagerly next to the brAhmaNa’s head. Perceiving what was happening the crab came out decided to fight on behalf of his benefactor and grabbed the crow. Hearing her shriek violently, the male crow asked the snake to desist and slide back. The brAhmaNa woke and realized that the crab had save his life. So he delivered the crab in a large lake with good water and proceeded on his pilgrimage.

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