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The unknown mahApaNDitA

When we heard from MM of her great exploits we immediately felt a kinship with her at three levels. This kinship we refer to does not merely arise from the fact that she was our co-ethnic but from something much … Continue reading

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The illiterate Hindu and other digressions

Early Tamil in brAhmI script and Indus writing: Note the peculiar graffiti appearing to the left end of two Tamil inscriptions beginning in ama. The inscription from Lanka (top right) has 7 characters of which 4 and 5 are graffiti … Continue reading

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AtharvaNa tumburu sUkta prayogaM

In the AtharvaNa tradition after having learned the mantra-s of the nIlarudra sUkta one learns the tumburu sUkta. The sUkta of tumburu (AV-P 20.61.8-9; 62.1-6) goes thus: na tatra bhavo hanti na sharva iShum asyati | yatra tvaM deva tumburo … Continue reading

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Some notes on the goddess Sipe Gyalmo

A translation of the tAntrika stotra to Sipe Gyalmo from the Tibetan tantra: Ma mo ‘dus pa’i yang snying gi rgyud issued by the Bön monastery at Ochghat, Himachal Pradesh. The translation, with some modifications, follows Kvaerne and shrI lokesha … Continue reading

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