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Questions which answer themselves

kaM saMjaghAna kR^iShNaH ? kaMsaM jaghAna kR^iShNaH | kA shItalavAhinI ga~NgA ? kAshItala-vAhinI-ga~NgA | ke dArapoShNaratAH ? kedAra-poShNa-ratAH | kaM balvantaM na bAdhate shItaM ? kaMbalvantaM na bAdhate shItaM || Whom did kR^iShNa kill? kaMsa. Which is the ga~NgA that … Continue reading

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In the fog

The while we were being pierced by the various darts the dUradR^iShTi prayoga revealed an unexpected attack on the sachiva. We awoke somewhat shaken by the revelations. But we quickly engaged in the pratikriyA that saved the sachiva from coming … Continue reading

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Homer’s illiteracy

The paleo-Abrahamistic politician and general Yosef ben Matityahu, only second to Yeshua ben Yosef in the foundation of Western thought, in his attack on the Greek polemicist Apion, wrote around 75 CE: “They say that even Homer did not leave … Continue reading

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