In the fog

The while we were being pierced by the various darts the dUradR^iShTi prayoga revealed an unexpected attack on the sachiva. We awoke somewhat shaken by the revelations. But we quickly engaged in the pratikriyA that saved the sachiva from coming to face to face with the red-eyed buffalo. The amAtya informed us that every thing had happened exactly as we had seen in the dUradR^iShTi prayoga, and the conclusion changed only due to the pratikriyA and their own repeated deployment of rudra.

With the sachiva we had proceeded to the fortress one who wanders among the granite rocks. The amAtya wished that we meet the bearer of the two torches. We observed that the hero was bound by the arAyI. Since we were enormously weakened, we told the sachiva not to attack and retreat silently. Contrary to our advice the sachiva became involved in the battle of ohas – the out come was uncertain with respect to the sachiva but it only weakened the hero further. We then fulfilled the amAtya’s wishes but saw through the hollowness of the bearer of the two torches. We returned even further weakened from the adventure.

The yogin was waiting in dhanurdAru-dvIpa. After years of struggle the dUtI appeared before him. He did not know at first if she was a dUtI or just a woman – after all a yogin without the j~nAna may not know that only through a dUtI can siddhi be attained. The dUtI sent him a signal. Verily the signals of dUtI are as clear as the midday sun and he who receives his dIkSha from her can be a mantra-siddha. He conjoined with her and attained siddhi even as a mantra of uchChiShTa gaNapati bearing fruit. The power of his yoga was complete – even though they cut him up he was whole again.

They call that rAkShasa vjR^imbhin. He verily opens the doors for the rest. He prevented the yAmala in the Aj~na from placing the sAdhaka beyond the realm of the sun, moon and fire. What is the secret to over come that rAkShasa, like viShNu’s underground stem?

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