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The train ground to a stop and we stepped out into the cold silence swathed in armor saying “kambalvantaM na bAdhate shItam”. None could recognize us beneath our armor. Since our mind was conditioned to see S we did not … Continue reading

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Squaring of the circle by Srinivasa Ramanujan

Geometric constructions have a special effect on us because they depict visually the Platonic abstractions that often underlie the laws of nature. So in a sense a construction is a mapping of natural laws on the canvas of Platonic space. … Continue reading

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Some comments on the biology of insulin resistance in jaMbudvIpa

A recent paper by Metspalu et al in AHJG adds additional data to the growing material on the genetics of the Indians. The paper has several issues that are rather unsatisfactory – chief among them is the attempt to meaninglessly … Continue reading

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The moon on the waves

We had a lengthy conversation. She smiled, and said: After all the kApAlikau can recognize each other even without the Chomma. When a strI with tresses flowing like sarasvatI in her descent, stanau like kUrma-pR^iShTau and nitambau like kapittha-phalau places … Continue reading

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