The moon on the waves

We had a lengthy conversation. She smiled, and said: After all the kApAlikau can recognize each other even without the Chomma. When a strI with tresses flowing like sarasvatI in her descent, stanau like kUrma-pR^iShTau and nitambau like kapittha-phalau places her self on the patra, puruSha-s buzz around her by the thousands like mAshika-s. She feels that she is rAj~nI surrounded by a thousand bhR^itya-s. But neither this secret nor the substance is there for all. We have seen it all and now the veil has burnt and what is of old splashes around like the many moons reflecting on the waves. Now as khaNDarohA we are on the scorching cremation ground with manthAnarudra, with the kapala hanging from our neck.

Now we are mahAkAla, showing the mudra of the trishUla, being Urdhvaretas we dally with you at the heart of the pentad of kAma, whose yoni is the kAla-chakra. The flames of the pyres with popping bones and hissing flesh lash around us. In the cave of the mUlAdhAra is the glowing uchChiShTolka and in the li~Nga is hasti-pishAchI, in the maNipUra is skanda and in the hR^idaya is ShaShThI along the upward course of the suvarNabindu. The lord of the kShetra-s rules over the crown. She said the order of the signs would be thus: the trishUla, I would come as the kulA~NganA, the kShetrapAla, and pentad of kAma with the kAlachakra. You shall move through the the facets of the pentad of manmatha in the great maNDala, which is experienced by the chit, and then reach its center. Therein, you shall approach me becoming the shaktimAn and we form the yamala. Though a yamala to the perceivers of the objects, for the yugma locked in the ullAsa of rati it is advaya: sarvashaktimAn and mantra-prayogaka. But only the yogin the can bear it, else he expires even as the tathAgata in the embrace of chitrasenA. After this he knows the reality of chit and observes prakR^itI as she unfolds.

Atho dUti paripR^ichCha |
We say to the dUtI:
May we be shatrujit.
We observed you unfolding.
We saw the eka-s.
They were parama-sUtrakhAdaka-s or parama-sUtra-kR^it-s or upasUtra-s.
Can these exist without the larger jIva or did they first live the aNu-saMgraha emitted by deva savitA?
Then we saw the yugma-s.
Of them there are the agada-viSha-s and the sUtrAntarachChedaka-me-lekhaka-s.
Just like them are the dhanurviSha-s and shaktiviSha-s with their agada-s.
But they are jIva-hita rather than svahita.
Then there are the yAtudhAna-s
Then there are the jIva-s.
They have the indriyANi all made of aNu-s stemming from the bhUtAdi.
When the eka, and the yugma-s, and indriyANi are all aNu-s which we know are all your unfolding, where is the puruSha?
Is he the sattva?

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