saMmelana song of the vIra

It was the saMmelana of the holders of the kapAla
in the great shmashAna of kollagiri, in quest of mahAnaya.
We were reclined in the haze of the pyres;
the embrace of our dUtI fanning the inner fires;
the fire of the kulayAga leaping to accept the mahAhuti.
The songs of the melApaka and the signs of the yoginI;
aroused the visions of the ten: first the panther;
lion, jackal, monkey and bear, one after the other;
woman, eagle, crocodile, elephant, and horse thereafter.
In the shmashAna we call kaMkAlI, O raNachaNDI;
O mistress of the eighteen yantra-s, O trishUlinI.
We partake of this great gaNachakra celebration,
conjoined with the dUtI attaining heightened cognition.
Pride incarnate of the great bhairava, buster of the triple-planets
The wielder of the great scimitar, in the crematorium manifests.
Beating our resounding Damaru we experience her great passage;
through the neural kulapatha, splitting triple-points of bondage.
In the great nocturnal conjunction with the kulA~NganA
we visualize in her pleasure-giving yoni, the r-blUM bIja.
Verily he who succeeds in joining kphreM with rblUM;
meditating on her slaying raktabIja dons the armor of huM.
Thus, he may step for battle, fearless, to fight bhrAtR^ivya-s,
intending to offer them in the great saMgrAma as nara-balI-s.

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