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Some inquiries into the shrIlankan past

Whereas Hinduson the mainland in white indological parlance are reputed to have no historical sense and consquently no history, their cousins on the island are supposed to have a rich historical account in the form of the pALi mahAvaMsha and … Continue reading

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The apocalyptic vision

◊◊◊◊ Lootika and her sister Varoli, who was visiting her, had cooked up an elaborate meal for the visitors who were to arrive later in the day. Thereafter, as the two were lazing on the couch, Lootika remarked: O Varoli … Continue reading

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A laud of indra

For the Arya of yore there was nothing more inspiring than indra in his dasyu-smashing manifestation. Indeed, only one who is touched deeply, inspired to heavenly heights and invigorated in ardor upon hearing these R^iks can lay any claim to … Continue reading

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pA~ncharAtrika vaiShNava elements in the astronomy textbook sUrya-siddhanta and other notes

When it comes to astronomy, more than any other field, the white indologists and their Japanese apers have sought to show Hindus as frauds or idiots (of course, nowadays they cushion it in all manner “sophisticated” jargon, such as “Indo-Moslem … Continue reading

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