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kauTilya on knowledge

The wise viShNugupta, who propelled the mauryan to meteoric heights, while uprooting the tree of the wicked nanda-s and cleansing the taint of the Macedonian barbarians on the land of the bhArata-s, uttered words that remain vivid even after 2300 … Continue reading

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The broken chain and the chain of knowledge

In the city of shAhjI he lay dead on the litter. His yaj~napAtra-s were being collected to be laid around him. Two rare specialists from the drAviDa and the andhra country had come to take care of his last iShTi. … Continue reading

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sarasvatI the devI and the sarasvatI the nadI

masitãm dûrât frasrûtãm ýâ asti avavaiti masô ýatha vîspå imå âpô ýå zemâ paiti frataciñti ýâ amavaiti fratacaiti hukairyât haca barezanghat aoi zrayô vouru-kashem || The large river, known afar, that is as large as the whole of the waters … Continue reading

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