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The base of Artiodactyla

Notable aspect of our divergence from our cousins, the chimpanzees, has been our “mutualistic” or “parasitic” association with artiodactyla. Several human populations have repeatedly acquired the ability to domesticate artiodactyls – a process which began with pigs (suids), but came … Continue reading

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The Hindu struggle in the mountains and a discursion on philological encounters with the turuShka-s

Sometime after Bhairappa, a noted writer among the karNATa-s, published a novel that was supposed to concern the turuShka-bhArata saMgrAma, we happened to be journeying deep in the karNATa country. As the events would conspire, we found ourselves in the … Continue reading

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niShAda-s and shabara-s of jambudvIpa: What you see is what it is

The vast land of jambudvIpa is home to many different types of tribal people. They were noted right from the times of the ancient Hindu texts. The R^igveda hardly mentions any of them, but one that is mentioned is kIkaTa. … Continue reading

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iShmin and the raudra devatA-s

[disclaimer: I tend to use Indicized spellings in most cases, which do not necessarily capture the Iranian pronunciation exactly. For my own Iranian studies I use the text of the avesta printed in an extended devanAgarI script which tends to … Continue reading

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